Some of the Most Useful Teachings of Sarada Devi

Sara Devi is regarded as one of the notable women of the nineteenth century due to her insightful teachings. The followers of Sri Ramakrishna monastic order reverentially call her the Holy Mother as she paved the way for present and future women to take up monastic life as the way to serve the creator. She was born in 1853 to the low-income family of Brahmin and was devoted to from her early childhood days.

This respected woman of God served others diligently until the last day when she left the mortal world in 1920. But what makes her unique was the spiritual enfoldment that she experienced under the Master. Sarada Devi was Sri Ramakrishna’s first disciple. He trained the Holy Mother on all religious matters and went ahead to expose her also to lots of critical secular issues on a variety of subjects such as cooking, managing social relations, arranging articles of domestic use, and much more.

Due to her experience, the Holy Mother’s teachings have a direct impact on the present human condition as well. Here are 5 of her instructions that will move you to think much deeper about life than before.

Self Effort Influences Divine Grace

Many people in the 19th century wanted to know how they could get the vision of God. Sarada Devi knew that these people had a genuine concern and provided an answer that can help you too. She said that people could hear from God only through grace. Given her belief that she was not extraordinary, the Holy Mother taught that anybody could see God’s visions. However, she asked the people to express obedience to God as a matter of priority. In particular, Sarada Devi required them to practice meditation and Japa. This way, she explained, they would remove the impurities in their minds and be able to worship from their hearts. As such, if you are involved in regular worship and anticipate the blessings of God, you increase your chances of getting the vision of God.

The Mind is Everything

The Holy Mother taught that one’s mind determines his or her destiny. She believed that all human beings have the power to achieve their entire spiritual and life goals. However, when people think they lack the capacity, they limit themselves and cannot meet their dreams. Thus, people who want to have a close connection with God must first see themselves as his favorites and regularly call upon Him.

Be Merciful to Others

Sarada Devi also helped her followers to lead peaceful lives. According to the Holy Mother, anyone who wants peace must stop finding fault in others. She considered that human beings are not perfect. In this regard, if one focuses on finding the fault of others, he or she will come across too many mistakes. To make it worse, no one can solve all human limitations. So, these individuals end up leading hatred-filled lives.

The Holy Mother wanted people to learn to see their own faults instead. This way, she argued his spiritual children would make the whole world their own. Most likely, Sarada Devi wanted people to use this teaching to learn that they are wrongdoers just as their neighbors are to surrender themselves at the feet of the Master.

The Name of God is Supreme

Sarada Devi also taught that humans should use the name of God to overcome the evil forces in the world. She likened this name with the wind. According to her, wind causes the clouds to move, as it desires. In the same way, God has the power to destroy all the shadows of worldliness. The Holy Mother used this analogy to make her listeners clearly understand the power of God.

The Final Thoughts

The Holy Mother lived a quiet life, but her relationship with God made her exceptionally wise. Her quotes clearly explain the meaning of life. If you are a follower of the master, you must abide by her teaching as they have a direct bearing on the world’s present condition.

Due to wars, poverty, and other problems, most people today lack peace. They are running to experts for advice but ignore the Master. Others turn to the new religions that are cluttered in abstract dogmas and creeds that do not address the immediate human needs. As a result, most people fail to get the necessary help, and their actions are imbued with hatred and lack of compassion, which lead to the present increase in wars and political indifference. The good news, however, is that you can enjoy inner peace. Only follow these simply teaching of the woman of God whose actions were characterized with love and compassion until the last moment of her life.